Date Night at the Theatre

This is a totally off the wall, fresh in my head, and probably bad idea. It’s also a potentially good idea for a movie theatre.

Pair a kid movie and an grown up* movie and package it with popcorn and sodas and call it the Date Night Package.

Have supervision for the kids and let the parents have a couple of hours to themselves while they watch a film. It saves on baby sitter fees. It gives the theatre more revenue. Add in pizza in the birthday party room beforehand and you have a complete date night.


*This originally said “adult film” but as the commenter pointed out, that could be misconstrued….or not whichever the case may be.

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  1. Birthday party room? There is such a thing in your local theaters? Wow great concept! In the TX last year I went into a movie place where restaurant food (a cut above fast food) is served INSIDE the theater and you get to eat while watching the film. You can order drinks too (regular or grown-up drinks) which could work either while kids are watching with you (as was the case with me – watched Paddington Bear .. sigh) OR while you and your date are watching a different film than the kids.

    Good post! Oh btw when you say adult movie you’re referring to like Grey’s Anatomy right .. or did you mean the other Grey movie with the 50 shades … j/k!!

    1. There are. Most theaters have them. It’s a pretty decent revenue source for them. It was a lot more fun before they went all digital because the kids could see how a projection booth worked. Now you just push a button and the movie starts.

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