Man Of Steel

As much as I enjoyed watching Iron Man 3 this weekend, what I think I enjoyed more was watching Alex watch the Man of Steel Trailer. Takes me back to a certain little boy watching a certain 1978 film. There’s something magical about that moment when you begin to believe and feel like a man can actually fly.

The grown man sitting on the other side of Alex was getting just as much of a kick out of watching him as I was. Alex had his arms outstretched and was moving around in his seat silently. His eyes were wide open. He was Superman for that brief moment.

When the 1978 Superman film was released, I was a wee lad of 4. I still remember it well. My mom took me to the drive in to see it. It was amazing. The ending still doesn’t make sense to me, but it didn’t/doesn’t matter. Watching that Superman movie was all about watching in amazement and really believing for a moment that a man could fly.

I guess I’ll be taking the little guy to see Man of Steel.

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