I’ve decided to try to write something every day this month as an experiment and to try to form a new good habit. Hopefully I’ll publish something every day. It might be here. It might be elsewhere. If it’s not here, I will publish a link here.

There is a lot going through my mind today.

Best (and most appropriate) tweet I saw today:
@fmetalli: The Best Number Of Partners In A #Company Is Any Uneven Number Below 3

That is a pretty powerful and witty way of saying something. You can have more than one partner in a company, but the ground rules have to be very well defined. There was something that Seth Godin said about everyone in the group has to earn their shares. That doesn’t just mean show up and do a job. It means you have to earn your shares. No one gets a free ride. Not even the one providing the money for the venture. Am I wrong?

Never go into a business venture with anyone without having the exit plan in place. I’ve made this mistake twice. You could even say I made it three times. I may be about to make it a fourth time. On second thought, maybe I won’t.

Then again, maybe it makes the most sense to stick to any uneven number below three.

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