Hall of Presidents and the Election

My wife and I went to Disney World without the kids for the first time in a really long time. That means we got to go to one of my favorite parts of The Magic Kingdom, The Hall of Presidents. The Hall of Presidents has been one of the best attractions ever since my first trip when I was three.

The Hall of Presidents circa 2016

Yes. It’s largely silly nostalgia of being three and seeing someone I’d watched on TV for most of the year. Mom loves to tell everyone about me yelling “Hey! It’s Jimmy Carter!” and the audience laughing. In some childish way, it feels like I’m in the presence of the many great leaders that we have had in the United States.

While there, this time, I had two huge revelations:

  1. It would be awesome to have Morgan Freeman narrate your life.
  2. I can’t imagine having to listen to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton when I go to a place that I revere so much.

Since I hope to outlive Morgan Freeman, I guess that first thought will never happen.

However, unless something drastic happens, I may be facing the other reality soon.

Remember in November, not only are you voting for our next President, but you are electing the next animatronic to adorn the Hall of Presidents.