OK. I Clearly Didn’t Ship

It's been eightish months since my last post. Clearly I didn't ship.

I would call that a failure. It's not a failure because I couldn't do something. It's a failure because I didn't do it when I could have.

Failure is always an option. – Adam Savage

I hate failing. You hear the mantra of “fail early and fail often” all of the time these days. This isn't the failure they are talking about. I didn't even show up.

To have tried and failed is an admirable thing. It builds character. I was listening to a Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, talk yesterday and he was comparing his style of trying to attract a girlfriend in high school with that of a friend of his. He would find one girl and steel up the courage..after weeks.. to go up and ask the girl to be his girlfriend. And inevitably every time he tried, he got shot down. His friend went and asked 20 girls a day to be his girlfriend. Eventually one of them would give in. Without having any discussions about the quality of the relationship, who did the best? His friend of course.

My goal for now is to get one post up per week. That of course means attempting to write at least three to even get to the point of having a post good enough to post. I can do it.

See you next week!